works by Jacquie Berard

Showing at

Hingham Public Library's

Dolphin Gallery June 4th-30th, 2011

Opening reception

Monday June 6th, 2011

A collection of my most inspired work and the debut of my most recent and heartfelt creation "Sigh no More" inspired by the music of Mumford & Sons"

I usually do not begin a painting unless I am really inspired by something. There are subjects that motivate my work over and over, but some inspirations come as if by some divine intervention. This collection of work encapsulates the range of influences that have moved me as I evolve as an artist. My pieces are born from poetry, music, colors, and memories- pieces that are not only seen by the eye but felt from the heart. These are the works that chronicle my journey thus far, and the inspirations that brought them to be.

Local artist displays "Inspirations" at Hingham Public Library

Posted by Jessica Bartlett June 6, 2011 10:01 AM

By Jessica Bartlett, Town Correspondent

A familiar name is gracing the halls of the Dolphin Gallery at the Hingham Public Library, and it isn’t a local author. Jacquie Berard, a tax clerk for the Town of Hingham, will show off her talents with an exhibit called “Inspirations,” a series of paintings on display from now until June 30. The Hull resident began seriously concentrating on her craft in 1996, taking a black and white photograph of her mother, and transforming it into the black and white, 24- by 30-inch painting that now hangs on one of the library walls. According to Berard, the exhibit spans the course of 20 years. As such, the dozen or so paintings vary in style, size, and technique. The transformative styles are a reflection of the inspirations behind the works, Berard said. “There are many different styles…but I like to look at things from different perspectives, this is where the inspiration affects the method" she said. From photographs that have inspired painting replicas, to poetry that evokes goddess-like imagery, each painting hints at a larger meaning. “There are some things that inspire me over and over, that I’ve painted so many times and will paint again. And then there are things that just come upon me” Berard said. “I don’t know where the inspiration might hit me next. Perhaps the highlight of Berard’s exhibit is the one of the first works you see while walking down the corridor. A wind-swept tree surrounded by birds, nestled into a sweeping landscape of color, the work, titled “Sigh no more,” captures the feeling of loss and acceptance. According to Berard, the painting is a “labor of love,” painted over the course of seven months while her father became ill, ultimately passing away. Inspired by music from Mumford and Sons, the painting helped Berard move on with her life, she said. “Their music and lyrics take us on a journey through life and death,” Berard said. "I lost my dad in January, and there was something about that music that comforted me.” Another source of inspiration for Berard is the Statue of Liberty. Having immigrated to America from Scotland when she was a teen, Berard said the iconic statue has continual meaning. Berard's works have received praise from all those who have seen it. “Interestingly enough, I've had more reaction to the pieces inspired by music and poetry. The work that comes from within, rather than the work seen by the eye,” Berard said. “People really felt that, and that made me happy.”